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    Advantages at a Glance:

Yield: Our long personal experience in Investment Advisory Services and Asset Management together with an investment strategy taking into account a multitude of analyses and opinions of most varied banks and brokers results in above-average asset profitability.

Cost: Owing to our independence and neutrality, you profit from honest solutions without set product targets. We act on behalf of your interests and assert them at the banks to your financial advantage.

Security: Your assets are held in safe custody at a bank of your choice under your own name. Our task is the advisory service, administration and control of the transactions. Due to this separation, conflicts of interests are avoided and true transparency is possible.

Written contracts and agreements make for clear-cut conditions.

Discretion: The associates of GB GestionBâle SA oblige themselves to observe strict secrecy about everything confided or made known to them in carrying out their profession, in particular about the identity of their clients. Their obligation to strict secrecy continues until after termination of the business relation.

Confidence: A confidential adviser cannot be replaced easily. Each business associate takes a share in the registered capital stock of GB GestionBâle SA. This accounts for a long continuity in seeing to our clients’ needs. Your adviser possesses detailed knowledge about your financial and personal situation, which accounts for a unique relationship based on trust.

Individuality: Real focussing on your needs and wishes can only take place within a company with a manageable size characterized by short paths of decision-making providing enough space for your individuality. The different personality profiles of each investor are fully mirrored in the particular investment policy for each client.

Time: All employees can always be directly reached and they make time for you. Substitution by another associate is guaranteed at any time. Our advisory services are not limited by fixed business hours. Waiting periods before a meeting are unknown to us.

If you entertain business connections with several banks, you might save time and expenses by limiting yourself to just one partner, e.g. our office, who will do business with them on your behalf.


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